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Terms & Conditions



AVILLA BALI FRIENDS is a customer loyalty program by Avilla Hospitality, designed to reward our friends for staying at our hotels and villas. By staying at our hotels and villas, members are eligible to get “ABF Coins” and redeem them for various rewards at our hotels, partner restaurants and spa.


The following Terms & Conditions are intended to protect members of AVILLA BALI FRIENDS. Should members require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our Membership Services at +62 888 321 7974 or email us at membership@avillabaligo.com


A. Membership Eligibility                  

  1. Membership is FREE OF CHARGE

  2. All individual guests are eligible for AVILLA BALI FRIENDS membership.

  3. AVILLA BALI FRIENDS membership is personal and non-transferable.

  4. A valid email address is required to join AVILLA BALI FRIENDS membership program.

  5. A member is only eligible for 1 (ONE) membership account and will receive a personalized membership card in digital form.

  6. Membership is open to individual residents in countries where the program is permitted by law.

  7. AVILLA reserves the right to cancel one’s membership or reject any application without a given reason if the required information is not supplied accurately and in full.

  8. AVILLA BALI FRIENDS Membership is valid for two (2) years.

  9. The membership’s validity will automatically be renewed for a new period of 2 (two) years every time a member stays in a participating hotel or villas at qualifying rates at any time before the expiry of the current membership.


B. Earning Points                  


  1. ABF Coin is the name of the points awarded to the members for their qualifying spend at our participating hotels and villas, which can later be redeemed for various rewards..

  2. A guest must have been enrolled as an AVILLA BALI FRIENDS member at the time of stay in order to earn ABF Coins.

  3. ABF Coins are earned through staying at the qualifying room rates in participating hotels and villas. 

  4. It is the Member' responsibility to quote their AVILLA BALI FRIENDS membership number when making reservations. Additionally, Members must show their membership card upon arrival when they stay at any participating hotels or villas.

  5. A member can earn ABF Coins for their stays, ONLY IF booked through www.avillabaligo.com.

  6. ABF Coins are not earned for stays booked through any third party channels, wholesalers or travel agents, regardless offline or online.

  7. ABF Coins are not earned for stays booked at any corporate or negotiated contract rate or on complimentary basis

  8. ABF Coins are ONLY earned when a member stays in and pays for the room booked by him/herself. In case a member books more than 1(one) room, ABF Coins are earned for all rooms booked and paid by the member – as long as the member stays in one of the rooms booked. No ABF Coins are earned for nights when the member does not stay in any of the rooms booked.

  9. Food & Beverage consumption would not earn ABF Coins. Service charges, taxes, and other incidental charges, are not eligible for ABF Coins.

  10. Members may log in to the AVILLA BALI FRIENDS members' portal – friends.avillabaligo.com - to check their ABF Coins balance and transaction activities or email the AVILLA BALI FRIENDS Membership Services Team at membership@avillabaligo.com  to get an update.

  11. Members who are missing credit from their AVILLA BALI FRIENDS account must notify the AVILLA BALI FRIENDS Membership Services Manager within maximum 30 days of the check-out date.  Failure to notify the membership services team after the said time will result to no credit acknowledgement of the relevant ABF Coins. Any claims for missing ABF Coins can be forwarded to AVILLA BALI FRIENDS Membership Services via email at membership@avillabaligo.com.

  12. ABF Coins are valid within one (1) year only or 12 months from date of issuance.


C. Claiming the Reward                  


  1. Members can redeem their ABF Coins for rewards at friends.avillabaligo.com/rewards. There is a minimum requirement of ABF Coins that apply for each reward. Please refer to the Rewards Catalogue on the website for redemption requirements. 

  2. Members are solely responsible for making reservations and for confirmation of stays or services provided by AVILLA BALI FRIENDS participating partners that accept Rewards Certificates.

  3. Upon redemption online, members shall collect their reward certificates for the participating hotels’ and villas’ products and services via their email. Then, members shall advise their intention to use the reward certificates at the point of reservation.

  4. Utilization of the Reward Certificates is subject to availability.

  5. Unused reward certificates cannot be returned for credit to the Members' accounts or exchanged for cash. However, certificates can be used to pay partially or in full for the next hotel reservations.

  6. AVILLA Hospitality is not responsible for Redemption Partners' withdrawal from the program or Partners' rewards cancellation, which may affect the rewards offered.


D. Recognition and Benefits

  1. Members are required to present their Membership e-Cards to enjoy privileges and/or discounts in the participating hotel or villas or AVILLA BALI FRIENDS participating partners.  However, the hotel or villa or participating partners may request for additional identification cards for verification purposes.

  2. The benefits and/or discounts will be extended only to the Members whose name is stated on the e-card.

  3. Discounts for the purchase of Hotel F&B, and Spa facilities are for prices EXCLUDING government tax and service charges.


E. General Rules                  


  1. AVILLA BALI FRIENDS Membership e-card remains the property of AVILLA Hospitality. Use of the Card constitutes acceptance of the benefits, privileges and the terms and conditions listed herein.

  2. AVILLA BALI FRIENDS Loyalty Program is a program created and operated by Avilla Hospitality. Participating hotels, villas or partners may also have access to Members' records.

  3. Members are solely responsible to update their membership record, including their personal information at all times through AVILLA BALI FRIENDS Members' Portal friends.avillabaligo.com or inform AVILLA BALI FRIENDS Membership Services in writing.

  4. The safe keep of the Reward Certificates is the sole responsibility of the member. There shall be no replacement of the reward certificates.  

  5. AVILLA BALI FRIENDS Membership Services Office reserves the right to correct any Member statements or ABF Coins accruals or balances that are incorrect due to processing errors.

  6. AVILLA Hospitality reserves the right to amend the rules, restrictions, program benefits, and special offers without notice. Avilla Hospitality reserves the right to terminate the AVILLA BALI FRIENDS program at any time.

  7. Earnings and Redemptions of ABF Coins are subjected to all applicable laws and regulations.

  8. Benefits and Rewards received under AVILLA BALI FRIENDS may be subjected to taxes. Such taxes are the sole responsibility of the Member who is the recipient of the said Benefit or Reward.

  9. AVILLA Hospitality makes no warranties or representations, whether expressed or implied, and expressly disclaim any and all liability (including consequential damages) with respect to the quality of goods or services claimed, redeemed and/or enjoyed through the AVILLA BALI FRIENDS Loyalty Program. All conditions, warranties or other terms implied by law are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations. In the event any Member transfers the use of any Reward Certificate, this Clause shall also apply to the transferee.

  10. AVILLA Hospitality or AVILLA BALI FRIENDS reserve the right to adjust the ABF Coins values as and when necessary to reflect changing market conditions.

  11. Fraud or abuse concerning AVILLA Hospitality, AVILLA BALI FRIENDS, or the rewards and benefits is subjected to appropriate administrative and/or legal action by AVILLA Hospitality or AVILLA BALI FRIENDS participating partners.

  12. This Program is void where prohibited by law.

  13. All interpretations of the Program Terms and Conditions shall be at the sole discretion of AVILLA Hospitality. In the event of any dispute, the Member agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Indonesia.

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